GeoBubble Pool Covers

Why GeoBubble Pool Covers Are The Right Choice


GeoBubble Pool Covers In South Africa

We supply GeoBubble Pool Blankets for home, gym, school, business and factory applications to every corner of South Africa, and the world.

Solar2000 has over 25 years of experience in the swimming pool industry and is a proud importer of GeoBubble pool covers into South Africa.

GeoBubble and our associated products are available direct to the public and through leading independent pool professionals throughout South Africa, fully supported by our quality assurance and product warranties.

Contact us to learn more about our DIY options or to put you in touch with a GeoBubble specialist in your area.

Eco-Friendly Pool Cover Solutions

are designed to SAVE YOU MONEY.

  • Reduce your electricity consumption by using the free energy from the sun to help heat the water.
  • Reduced your electricity consumption by preventing heat loss.
  • Reduce your water consumption by preventing evaporation.
  • Reduce pool chemicals bill by reducing chemical consumption.

Save money, time, and energy for more swimming and fun times.

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GeoBubble Pool Covers

Conserve water and energy build up in your swimming pool with our Pool Covers. With less evaporation, you save on water and pool chemicals. And the added bonus: you no longer have to clean the pool of leaves and debris - the pool cover keeps your pool clean when not in use.

Pool Cover Rollers

Roll-up Stations

To make your pool cover easy to use, we offer Pool Cover Roll-up Stations, which we design and manufacture to suit your personal requirements.

Solar Heating Solutions

Solar Heating Solutions

Use the FREE ENERGY from the sun to your advantage and save with our solar panels and solar collector system to suit your personal requirements.


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